NEW BOOK: Essential Oils Have Super Powers®

ESSENTIAL OILS HAVE SUPER POWERS®: From Solving Everyday Wellness Problems with Aromatherapy to Taking on “Superbugs” 

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My new book is out in paperback, available on Amazon and the Kindle version will be following soon! I am so excited – it represents 6 months of work and research. 


My goal and mission in writing this book? 

  • To delight and amaze the reader about the powers and natural abilities of essential oils.
  • To empower people for natural wellness solutions they may have no idea exists
  • To highlight and reveal what essential oils are, how they work and why they are effective
  • Explain why they have been used for centuries but why they are lesser known in the U.S today
  • Go into great detail about the crisis of antibiotic-resistant microbes and why essential oils are playing a role in stopping them
  • Reveal current day clinical research and results
  • Elaborate on the Mind-Body connection for wellness
  • Fascinate with historical stories and anecdotes
  • Explain dosages, safety tips and easy to use recipes
  • And more!

Chapters cover: What are Essential Oils & Why Do They Have Super Powers?, Fascinating History of Aromatic Plants & Essential Oils, Clinical Research and Studies on Essential Oils, The Crisis of “Super Bugs”, Antibiotics and Essential Oils, Different Approaches to Essential Oils Around the World, Mind – Body – Spirit and Aromatherapy, The Magic of Extraction… and a Little Science (the Main Components in Oils Which Give Them Super Powers), My Top 15 Essential Oils, Some Simple & Helpful Blending Recipes + Typical Doses & Dilutions, Caring for Your Essential Oils.

Reach out with any questions!

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