Oil Pulling is a special, ancient practice from 5000 years ago for oral and overall body health. We want as many people to discover this amazing practice as possible.

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Bacteria, viruses and such have an oily or lipid skin on them, and Oil attracts Oil!  By swishing oil in your mouth, you draw out the millions of bacteria on a daily basis.

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This brings you better oral health: less gum disease (quite common), less plaque, less cavities, whiter teeth and fresher breath.  It also takes a load off of the lymphatic system which continually works to get toxins out of your body. This gives you more energy and a better immune system. 

Finally, some bacteria that is absorbed or swallowed could cause other diseases in the body, and there is a strong link between oral health and heart disease.


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See the medical statistics and lots more about Oil Pulling, plus the HOW TO guide – and our USDA Certified Organic Sesame Oil on our specialized website devoted to Oil Pulling.