SUBLIME Art & Prints

I opened my Sublime Art & Prints ETSY shop in late December 2020, starting with some canvas work, photos on canvas and printables. By mid 2021, was launched with an array of canvas art focusing on:

PARIS (where I lived 16 years)
BEACH ART (I live in Florida now)
ABSTRACT (my first passion)

AS a young artist, I won many awards and my first year of college was in art school. But I wanted desperately to live in Paris – so I found a great University there and studied Art History (no studio arts available at the time.)

I was happy to surround myself in the beauty of Paris and ended up staying 16 years! Part of that time I served as Assistant Director at Parsons School of Design (Paris campus for the famed New York school) which had opened after I graduated in art history.

My path has taken me in interesting directions but I have been drawn to adding an artistic outlet – and now I have!

I will have a new list to join shortly – giveaways and fun information.

Visit, share and like the store – I would be most appreciative!

Honfleur Harbor, France
Copy of Copy of mockup