SUBLIME Art & Prints

I opened my Sublime Art & Prints ETSY shop in late December 2020!

I was a young artist, won many awards and my first year of college was in art school. But I wanted desperately to live in Paris – so I found a great University there and studied Art History (no studio arts available at the time.)

I was happy to surround myself in the beauty of Paris and ended up staying 16 years! Part of that time I served as Assistant Director at Parsons School of Design (Paris campus for the famed New York school) which had opened after I graduated in art history.

My path has taken me in interesting directions but I have been drawn to adding an artistic outlet – and now I have!

I am focusing on CANVASES now but have fun DOWNLOADABLE PRINTABLES on Etsy, often with a French twist- a great affordable way to enliven and beautify your spaces.

Canvases and Triptych (3 panel) canvases are now in the store and now on my own site,, along with some photography and even some mosaic pieces I have created will join the collection later.

Visit, share and like the store – I would be most appreciative!

Honfleur Harbor, France
Copy of Copy of mockup