SUBLIME Pet Portraits

I transform your photo to a work of art! Sublime Pet Portraits is part of my overall Sublime Art & Prints company, but such a special niche!

We love our pets, don’t we?

Here is a way to celebrate a pet, honor one that has passed, have a memory forever of you and your pet… This can be a framed picture you have on your shelf or desk, a larger print you hang on the wall; or a spectacular canvas in your home.

I deliver digital jpg (and any other format you may want) art that you can then use to create what you want, when you want and at a budget you want!

I will have options to do the canvas or framed print for you in the near future, but most people these days love to have some control over where they will print the art, how much they will spend and how fast they need it.

I produce several different styles of art for you to choose from – Impressionism style, Expressionism, Abstract style, Watercolor style, Pop art, Van Gogh style, Etching and more, as you can see in the example above and below.

Visit my Etsy store to read more and order here. Or send a message if you have questions!

Or see the Pet Portrait listing on Sublime Art and Prints on Etsy here.