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ZEN BOX launched February 1st, 2016 and was monthly in 2016 (on the Cratejoy platform). 3 therapeutic-grade essential oils per box, bonuses quarterly, and education + bonuses. 

In 2017, ZEN BOX IS NOW BI-MONTHLY WITH LOADS MORE BENEFITS (and on the SublimeNaturals.com platform.)

  • It includes 3 essential oils per box with bonuses twice yearly, sent FEB, APRIL, JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER AND DECEMBER 2017. 
  • Education and HOW TO USE guide is emailed when the box ships.
  • Free Shipping in the US continues
  • An ANYTIME 25% Off Discount for Essential oils, Accessories, Diffusers, etc. for members
  • A DEEPER 35%-40% Off Discount on promos during the No-Box Month
  • A new 2017 PODCAST starts February 2017
  • ZEN POINTS for every charge, recharge or purchase, to give more valuable points for discounts
  • Control of when billed on the bi-monthly option. Billing occurs EXACTLY 8 WEEKS FROM THE DAY YOU SIGN UP, so you can sign up early month, mid month or late month, whatever is better for your budget!
  • and more!

Sign up no later than MIDNIGHT February 1st to receive the February box and going forward, MIDNIGHT April 1st to receive the April box and going forward, etc.

So if you sign up January 25th, you get the February box and then ZEN BOX every other month. If you sign up February 5th, your first box is April!

Learn about ZEN BOX at www.zenbox-essentialoils.com

Subscribe and buy your ZEN BOX at http://www.sublimenaturals.com/collections/zen-box-subscription


Take wellness and balance into your own hands with these all-natural, therapeutic grade Essential Oils to aid the immune system, help with better sleep, better memory, invigoration, reducing headaches, bring calm, reducing stress and much more! 



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Read all about ZEN BOX on our site here.


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The official FDA disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.” 

Essential oils and aromatherapy, for me, support what the body needs and requires to thrive, and they work at the holistic level of mind-body-spirit.  I fully stand behind the natural wellness properties of essential oils, using them in my daily life. However, the statements on this site are not intended as a substitute for professional healthcare nor meant to diagnose, cure or prevent medical conditions or serious disease.

Every illness or injury requires supervision by a medical doctor, integrative doctor and/or an alternative medicine practitioner such as a certified holistic doctor or certified aromatherapist practitioner.